The ASI Studios team animated the popular TV series "George of the Jungle". The series is now on air in more than 60 countries including on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Dreamworks Channels and many more.

Who we are

ASI Studios is a full service animation studio based in Manila. The studio was born of a collaboration between the Manila based Synergy88 group and Singapore's August Media Holdings. Based in Quezon City of the Metro Manila region, the studio boast 130 highly trained artists and technicians who come with a wealth of experience in 2D Traditional, Digital Cut Out and Paperless animation.

What we do

ASI is a service studio that primarily works on long format  2D Digital Animation. While majority of our projects involve a work scope starting from scene layouts all the way to composited rushes, we also run teams specialising in storyboards and designs. Our creative leads are highly experienced and come with a background of having worked on multiple big brand TV Series from around the world.

Our Studio

Our studio runs both industry standard Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe Flash pipelines. For both platforms, we run 50 fixed and an unlimited number of variable licenses. This gives us the flexibility to crew up as required to meet the needs of each project. All this is supported by industry standard paint and compositing running on robust hardware. The studio is colourful, full of natural light and above all a fun place to work.

Meet our team

The hands behind the skill & the minds behind the art.

Our team is a mix of experienced creative leads supported by a diligent production team that understands the value and importance of delivering high quality art on a pre-defined schedule.

Meet our

Meet our team

  • Jyotirmoy Saha
    Partner & CEO
  • Jackeline Chua
    Managing Partner & CFO
  • Elaine Villacorta
    Human Resources
  • Hazel Lau
    Client Services

Our services

Servicing all needs for long format animation production.

Design & Storyboards

Our team of highly skilled designers come with vast experience of delivering all the key elements that lead to a high quality animated show. With a variety of services, including character designs, layout design, color, background design, coupled with our animation team help us to offer complete end to end animation services.

Using industry the standard Storyboard Pro tool, helps us create boards that feed seamlessly into any animation pipeline. This versatile team can deliver pre-production material for a wide variety of styles that include anime, cut out or paperless styles.

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ASI Studios is a state of the art, 130 seat 2D animation facility located at Quezon City within Metro Manila. It offers a full range of animation production services for clients and original shows alike. Our team use Harmony as well as Flash to deliver high quality animation.

We leverage the large 2D animation talent pool in the Philippines enabling us to high quality shows at competitive rates. Our speciality remains the comedy with visual humour and pre-school genres. Our range of animation service extend from layouts, key frames, in-betweens drawings upto color composited rushes.

View our portfolio

Our portfolio

A selection of some projects we've worked on.

Here are some samples of our work. Since a lot of our work is yet to be released on TV or still under production, contact us for a more detailed private viewing of our portfolio.

View our

New portfolio section Coming Soon

While we work towards a new online experience of our portfolio, if you are interested in our work, please email our Client Services colleague Hazel Lau to receive links to password protected videos of our work.

We are hiring

While these are the current openings, we are constantly on the lookout for outstanding talent. Drop us a line if you want to be part of a team that is looking to do some fabulous work.

ToonBoom Rigger

Builds animation ready characters, props, textures, mouths and expressions using ToonBoom Harmony 12.1. Innovate solutions and troubleshoot to create efficient builds.

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Effects Animator

Conceptualize, visualize and design special effects, animation, or other visual images.

Create effects based on concept art and design from art departments. Responsible for adding natural or supernatural characters or things to animated films. Collaborate with other departments on the best approach to improving output.

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ToonBoom Animator (Cut-out/Paperless)

Conceptualize, create and execute 2D animation sequences, with the coordination of the Lead Animator/Director, in accordance with the established style, technical requirements and the production schedule of the project using ToonBoom Harmony 12.1

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Background Artist

Involved in the process of animation who establishes the colour, style and mood of scene, as described by the director or the client using Photoshop.

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Layout Artist

Interpret and work off storyboards to draft, design, and lay out realistically to styled sequences. Finalize and clean up designs using Photoshop and execute changes on design based on feedback of Directors.

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Creatively combine all the elements into the final image, ensuring that the established style of the project is respected and continuity is maintained.

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Clean-up/Inbetween Artist

Involved in the process of taking roughs/rough animation to be finalized drawings or ”clean” versions, which become inked and painted.

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Digital Ink and Paint Artist

Creating finalized animation art using the methods of scanning, instead of inking, for each pencil drawing, and digitally colouring instead of hand-painting each cel.

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Animation Directors

Ensure that the style and quality of the project and the delivery is achieved based on the standards and schedule required by the client.

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Senior Animators

Create storyboard layouts or sketches to show the progression an animation will take when it is in action.

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Japanese Interpreter

Assist as a written and spoken communication bridge between English and Japanese speaking clients, artists, producers and various stakeholders.

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